Lovina Beach Dolphin Tour

Lovina Beach Dolphin Tour is in the Northern Part of Bali , the place is belong to Buleleng sub district regency named as Lovina is famous for its calm sea water, black chrome sand and dolphins in the sea . Now Lovina is becoming a great and central of tourism activities in the northern part of Bali and offer many kind of Accommodations, Bars, Art shops, Restaurants, banks, travel companies, beach activities , transportations etc. Many Range of the accommodations are available start from the star hotel class until small class even the bungalow and home stay with low budget travelers.

One of the most attractive and fabulous sea activities is known as lovina beach dolphin tour that can be arrange in every hotel that you stay in Lovina area . The tour is most popular called as a sunrise tour because the activity is starting early in the morning at 6 am to 8 am when the sun rise , it is a great tour that you will miss. Hundred of dolphins can be found and seen about 1 Km offshore , they are jumping and frolicking each other . Even there are a large number of dolphins but not easy to catch their pictures so please donít forget to bring your camera too.