Hot Spring and Buddhist Temple

Banjar hot spring is a natural hot springs that are considered to cure the disease. The water is stored in a tiny swimming pool is surrounded by a unique, situated near a temple.The sulfuric water is of volcanic origin and has an agreeable warm temperature of 37 degrees Celsius, ideal for people suffering from rheumatic diseases. Banjar Hot spring is located in Banjar Country side, Banjar sub district and Singaraja Regency. It is about 1,5 Km from Banjar or 24 Km from Singaraja Town.

Buddhist brahma Vihara Temple more known as “Banjar Buddhist Temple” is the biggest Buddhist temple in Bali. It is popular from all over Asia and located on a hill with serene and peaceful surrounding over viewing Lovina Beach.Brahma Vihara Arama is located South West of Lovina, 3 km inland from the town of Dencarik. It’s the biggest Buddhist temple in Bali, its location close with Banjar Hot Springs.